Joanne Blakely, Applications Trainer

Jo is our full-time, dedicated trainer for teachers, pupils and outside visitors. Her main specialism is in working with the Centre's partnered primary schools, and within this remit she spends the majority of her time interpreting QCA requirements for KS 1 and 2 pupils and preparing materials suitable for teachers to use either at the CLC or at their own school.

Telephone: 0161-212 1974
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Stephen Douglas, Centre Manager

Steve is the Centre's full time manager. He is the Centre's representative of its management board and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the CLC, including personnel, policy and spending. Steve is a qualified secondary school teacher with many years' experience of educating young people.

Telephone: 0161-212 1971 direct
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Pete Downing, IT Manager

Pete is responsible for researching, specifying, purchasing and implementing the IT solutions for the Centre. He also offers technical consultancy for schools in the CLC cluster and organises the work of the Centre's technical team, both on and off-site..

Telephone: 0161-212 1972 direct
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Celia Govender, Centre Administrator

Celia is the first point of contact for students and visitors to the Centre, and manages all telephone queries.  She administers all holiday courses and teacher training sessions at the Centre and handles all room bookings and liases with schools regarding equipment loans. 

Telephone: 0161-212 1970
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Sanjaya Siriwardena


Sanjaya is the 11-19 Innovations Manager for the Centre


Telephone: 0161-212 1973
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