Central Manchester City Learning Centre


Using the CLC

Registering at the Centre

You need to register with the Centre before you can use its facilities. Registering enables us to assess what use is being made of the Centre, and consequently, plan ahead to make sure we maximise its opportunities for everyone.
Your registration card, which you receive when you have completed the registration process, is your proof of identity during your time at the Centre. Remember that for your own security any member of Centre staff may ask to see your card at any time, so please make sure you bring it to every session. If you do not have your card you may not be allowed into the Centre.
If you lose your registration card, a £3 replacement charge is payable. If your card becomes damaged or unusable it will be replaced free of charge. You can order a replacement card direct from our Administrator by calling 0161 212 1970, and in most cases your card will be available for collection the same day. If a fee is payable please remember to bring it with you. The Central Manchester City Learning Centre gets its funding from the government as well as individual patrons and businesses. You can visit the website of one of them by following this link. This site offers an excellent opportunity to get a real money bonus and play on one of the most reputable casino sites, Nordic Casino. We are grateful to each and everyone that has supported us in the past.

Booking rooms

The CLC has four main IT rooms called IT2, IT3, IT4A and IT4B (which can be made in to one large room) available.

  • IT2 has room for 30 students and is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and projector.
  • IT3 has room for 27 students and is again equipped with an interactive whiteboard and projector. It also has a large conference-style table making it suitable for meetings and group activities.
  • IT4 is a large, open-plan style room with accommodation for around 40 computer users. It is ideal for primary age groups or two smaller groups working on either side of the room.

In the evenings and at weekends the CLC also has access to a further two IT rooms, IT1 and IT5, containing 20 and 30 computers respectively as well as interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Evening and holiday access

The CLC operates throughout the holidays and we are glad to welcome teachers to use our facilities during holidays and up until 5pm from Monday to Thursday.
We would be interested to hear from staff who would like to work with us in arranging activities for pupils out of school hours. We also host lots of events online, primarily on this site right here. We play some slots games together, we give out coupons constantly, so it's basically free for everyone to enjoy and maybe win a decent cash prize.

Student use of the CLC out of hours

We advertise and run a variety of courses and activities for students out of school hours.
We also want to provide those students who do not have the necessary facilities at home the opportunity to use the CLC out of normal school hours. To enable this to happen we have a membership scheme. Application letters are available via the school IT coordinators or can be printed out here.

Training resources

The CLC has two full time training staff who are there to help you gain the IT skills you need. They can help you with training and can also advise and assist you in the preparation of modules of work that you want to deliver at the CLC.
You can find out more about the training opportunities currently available by contacting the Training Manager.

Safety Around the CLC

Evacuation procedure

If you discover a fire, operate the fire alarm by breaking the glass in the nearest red call-point. The green call-points bypass the door access system in an emergency and do not activate the fire alarms.
The signal to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency is an intermittent or continuous siren accompanied by flashing red lights in all of the teaching rooms.
In the event of a fire alarm signal in the CLC please evacuate your class through the fire exit opposite the bottom of the main staircase. Do not stop to collect personal belongings.
On leaving the CLC follow the buildings round to the left and assemble on the netball courts next to the Boundary Lane entrance. This is a different assembly area from that the Trinity School students will use. Do not follow them.
Do not re-enter the building until the all-clear has been given by the Duty Manager, even if the sirens stop. The Centre fire alarm is connected to the rest of the school buildings and it may not be safe to go back into the Centre even if the alarms have been silenced.

Accidents and First Aid

In the event of an accident please contact the CLC reception either in person or by telephone (dial 170) and they will summon assistance.
All telephones in the centre can be used to contact the emergency services by dialling 9-999.

Monitoring information

The CLC has to provide information to the DfES (Department for Education and Skills) as to how the centre is being used. We therefore need to ask teachers bringing classes to the CLC to complete a form detailing their use of the CLC.
We will gladly assist you in completing the form if you wish. The form has been designed to provide sufficient information so that we can share your experiences and ideas with other staff via our web site. Please do let us know if that causes you a problem.

Access to the Centre

The security of the CLC and its users is enhanced by the use of door access cards. Visitors to the centre are issued with a door access card when they sign in. Teachers with a large group of students sign in on behalf of their students and only one door access card is issued.
The door access cards merely need to be held near to the door access readers next to the doors and the light should turn green. The door is then released.
To exit from a room you do not need a card, you need only press the green button next to the door and the door lock is released.

Code of Practice

Central Manchester City Learning Centre affirms the right to equality of opportunity for all members of the community. The Centre management and staff are committed to maximising the potential of everyone by offering a quality service which aims to meet the needs generated by the diverse community they serve. This Code of Practice is intended to help everyone, by creating a positive and fully inclusive learning culture.

  • Respect individual needs and differences.
  • Do not accept bullying and harassment, either personally or to others.
  • Be aware of body language and avoid invasion of personal space.
  • Think before you speak — some jokes or comments may offend.
  • Refer to individuals by name and avoid using labels.
  • Recognise and acknowledge varying needs and avoid stereotyping.
  • Respond to individual specific needs by taking positive action.
  • Respect the learning environment by attending regularly and punctually.
  • Respect the property of other people.
  • Observe Health & Safety regulations in accordance with the City Council’s Code of Practice.
  • Consume food and drink only in the Reception area, and do remember that smoking is forbidden throughout the building.
  • Seek help if you need it.
  • Be prepared to challenge and report behaviour which is not in line with this Code.

Other Information

Technical help

If there is not a technician in the room and you need help then please dial 170 and the reception desk will contact them on your behalf.

Food and drinks

The CLC has a hot and cold drinks machine in its reception area. Drinks cost 40p. Tea and coffee for meetings can be provided if booked at least 24 hours in advance.
Food can be made available by arrangement, either via the school canteen or privately, through an outside catering company. We ask that no food or drinks are consumed in the computer rooms.