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Honeycomb and Vye Laptop Training Signup Live By Victoria Clarkson on 22nd May, 2009

The CLCs in the area are proud to be host to training for schools in the area. The latest involves training for the Honeycomb system and the related Vye laptops. Primary schools can get involved and sign up. After completing the training day, which are taking place at the four CLCs in Manchester throughout June and July, the Primary Schools are issued with a set of Vye netbooks running wireless internet and the Honeycomb system for the Primary School children to use.

CMCLC lends its support to Honeycomb By Luke Brown on 15th May, 2009

Here at the CLC we will be helping to introduce Honeycomb to local primary schools.

Honeycomb allows students to add various content to their own web page, and share this with teachers and fellow students, thereby promoting collaberative learning. This could include text, videos or blogs and all of the content can be edited quickly and easily.

See the product for yourself: www.honeycombapp.com

BBC School Report Website Launched By Victoria Clarkson on 15th May, 2009

The BBC School Report day 2009 was a success with 3 taking part on the day and others adding their reports to our website. Head over to our BBC School Report Centre to view the footage, articles, and also visit previous year’s reports.

Central Manchester CLC Launches Learning Platform By Victoria Clarkson on 15th May, 2009

Central Manchester CLC has put together a directory which should be your starting place to view and use learning materials that the CLC has created.

You can access it at /Learning, or via the link down the left hand side of this website.

The directory is split into subject and topic.

This directory is a work in progress so you should check back for new updates and materials that might be of interest.

Welcome to the new homepage By Victoria on 19th January, 2009

Feel free to have a look around and comment on this post or email Vikki with any feedback.

You can access the old CLC homepage for now by clicking here

Note: there is a small issue with Internet Explorer 6, with the links to the left not aligning as they should. This is in the progress of being fixed, but in the meantime, upgrade your version of IE for free.