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A Access to the Centre
Accidents and First Aid
Address, of the Centre
Adjusting keystone settings on VT-45 projectors
Aims, statement of
B Booking resources
Booking rooms
C Capacity of rooms
Catering and refreshments
City Learning Centres, overview
Code of Practice
Contact details for Centre staff
Contact details, general
D Dial-up connection, how to set up and use
Directions and maps
Door access cards
E E-mail addresses for Centre staff
EiC (Excellence in Cities) initiative
Employment opportunities
Equal opportunities
Equipment loans
Evacuation procedure
Evening opening hours
Excellence in Cities
F Fax number
File downloads
Finding the Centre
First Aid
Food and drinks
G Getting in touch with us
H Hire, equipment
Holidays, access during school
I Images of the Centre
Internal resources
Internet, how to access from home using a dial-up connection
J Job vacancies
Joining the Centre
K Keycards
Keystone adjustments, VT-45 projectors
L Links, for staff of partner schools
Links, for students
Loans, equipment
Lost membership cards
M Maps, to find the Centre
Media enquiries
Membership cards
Monitoring requirements
N National Record of Achievement Personal Statements, how to print
O Objectives of City Learning Centres
Opening hours
P Parental consent form for students joining the Centre
Personal Statements (for National Record of Achievements), how to print
Photographs of the Centre
Postal address
Press and media enquiries
Projectors, VT-45, keystone adjustments
R Refreshments
Registering to use the Centre
Replacement membership cards

Resources at the Centre
Resources for download
Room bookings (for partner schools)
S Security,
Software at the Centre
Specifications of Centre equipment
T Technical assistance
Telephone numbers for Centre staff
Telephone and fax numbers, general
Training, for staff of partner schools
U, dial-up connection to
Usage monitoring form
V Vacancies, employment
VT-45 projectors, making adjustments to keystone settings
W Website, complaints or enquiries
Website, correcting links or factual information
Welcome from the Centre Manager